Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012: Wait…What Time is it Really?


I’ve been awake for the past 34 hours, save for about five or ten minutes on the second plane here. Needless to say, I am beyond exhausted. Yesterday morning (it doesn’t even seem like it was yesterday!), I woke up at the beautiful hour of 2:50 AM to make it to shower and make it to LAX by 3:45. Then, we left for Jersey at 7:03, had a two-hour layover in Newark, and headed out at 5:50 to Geneva on a nine-hour flight. On our five-hour flight to Newark, I decided not to let myself fall asleep, because I wanted to be able to sleep as much as possible on the flight to Geneva, despite driving thirteen hours to LA the day before and only getting about two to three hours of sleep. Well. That did not go as planned. Even though I was exhausted, I just couldn’t sleep. And once I did, the captain announced that we were going into turbulence, and so I woke up. Let’s just say I feel sorry for the rest of the people on the plane: I went into a crazed frenzy, laughing at the most ridiculous things that really weren’t funny. That lasted for a few hours until we got to Lausanne. But before we jump the gun, we arrived in Geneva around 7:30 and hopped on a double decker bus (I was so excited!) to drive through the stunning green landscape of Switzerland to Geneva. Drove through quaint streets and finally ended up at Ave Marc Dufour 15!

Then we got our room assignments. My roommate wasn’t on the group flight, so I had to move into my room by myself. Then we had a light breakfast, another hour to unpack, lunch, and orientation. After that, we went on a walk down to Lake Geneva and looked at the Olympic museum, which they moved onto a boat while the building is undergoes construction. Then, we had more time to unpack, at which point my roommate arrived! She told me of her summer plans, and we caught up on the past few months. Caught dinner together, and then went on an adventure through the city, while the boys we were with snapped pictures. Now, we’re back at La Croisée, looking at tomorrow’s (early!) plans, and rejoicing about classes not starting until the thirteenth. Win? I think yes! Well, I must be getting to bed to catch up on my rest!

Bonne nuit!


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